I’ll be honest with you, I’m no chef. Nor did I think that what the internet needed was another food blog. Having said that, being a uni student is hard. Many of us have to live away from home with a bunch of strangers and work a crappy job just to pay rent. Throw in the cost of tuition, textbooks, petrol, beer and avocado toast, there’s almost nothing left to pay for dinner seven days a week.

Now I know that there’s already a truckload of food bloggers and celebrity chefs practically throwing their critiques and recipes at the public online. I read them religiously. This blog is the funnel through which all of that information is condensed into the essential tips and tricks designed specifically for the first time uni student that can’t tell the difference between a frypan and a skillet (I can’t either, but that’s neither here nor there.) Here you can find recipes that’ll keep you and your flatmates fed for as long as you’re able to stretch it, as well as drinks both with and without alcohol (not that it takes much to change the latter into the former.)